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A lot to do
There is a lot to do in the surrounding Pacific Ocean besides surfing!

  • Scuba diving has become especially popular around the Isla Iguana and Los Frailes Islands. Our staff can help arrange a great dive for our guests.
  • Snorkeling is fun all around the coastal area. Popular spots include Achotines Bay and Isla Iguana. We can rent snorkelling equipment to our guests.
  • Sports Fishing is very popular as the sea becomes very deep close to shore. This allows the amateur fisherman to catch BIG fish without much trouble at all. Tuna, sail fish, red snapper, wahoo and marlin are all out there for the taking.

If you prefer being on, rather than in the water, boat trips to the nearby islands are usually good fun. The ‘taxi’ to Isla Cañas takes you straight through some beautiful mangroves.

Eco Venao Falls
Alternatively, there are numerous waterfalls in the area. Although they are mostly not big falls, they are always an adventure. Getting there can be half the fun!