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Thomas Farango

by guillaume, 12/23/2016

I stayed in Eco Veano for 1 month and would have stayed longer if I didn’t have to continue on with my travels. The site was an absolute dream!

All the cosmopolitan team was so welcoming and nice and Guillaume “the big boss” was extremely helpful when working on the farm. The work was rewarding, really diversified and fun every day.

I was really pleased to wake up in this pleasant atmosphere. We enjoyed a life community style trying to change our habits to be more respectful of the surrounding environment. Cooking the healthy food we made grow is just so pleasant !

Accommodation on the farm was so comfortable and there was a lot of things to do during free time like Surf, water fall, hiking or just observe monkeys. The bravest will hug our mascot Francky…  

This has to have been one of the best experiences I’ve had and I hope to return in the near future!