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How we plant

We have incorporated radical experiments and trials in our reforestation effort to help find ways to restore the native eco system quickly and affordably. Such experiments include: intensive tight-grouped plantings, wider spaced plantings, differing clearing and pruning schedules, seed dispersal and variations of species mixes.

Species selection in our plantations has focused on combining varieties that are known to be used by foraging animals, pioneer species and fast growing trees. In recent years our plantations have focused on buffering riparian zones and connecting dispersed forest fragments. We also hope to encourage natural regeneration by clearing competing brush from young native trees.

Reforestation in this part of the world is not without its challenges. The extreme climate, with its extended dry season followed by heavy rains makes successful reforestation problematic. Fire breaks need to be cut and maintained annually as neighboring cattle farmers often burn their pastureland.

We plan to add more information on our reforestation project soon – watch this space.