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Our Ethical Stance

How do we form an ethical position...

We are very proud of our continuing reforestation project. Having already planted over 40,000 trees we feel we have well justified the name Eco Venao – although we have never shouted about it. Our green credentials don’t stop at reforestation.


We are careful with your rubbish. We recycle everything we can, including: organic waste, glass, metal, plastic and paper. Very little gets wasted. In fact, El Ranchito was built almost entirely of leftover construction materials.

Almost all our cleaning products are biodegradable and we only buy recycled tissue paper. The Eco Lodge, which for many is the focal point of Eco Venao, is a restoration of the original 50-year-old wooden farm building. Our cabañas and palapas are made of 100% organic materials and we are very careful to only source wood from plantations, not natural forests.

We feel very lucky to have employed lots of skilled workers from local towns who have guided us on construction of the many traditional structures we have around Eco Venao. We take our role as responsible employers very seriously.

As we are situated in the driest part of the country – the arco seco – we are very careful about water consumption. We use a combination of well water and natural spring water. During the wet season we only use natural spring water and a combination of well water and natural spring water during the dry season. This is all in order to help maintain the level and quality of the aquifer. We carefully measure our water use and have fitted water-saving devices and faucets throughout Eco Venao. We ask our guests to be mindful of waste.

In some of our structures, our grey waters are directed to living ponds and we are researching more thoroughly the possibility of wetlands wastewater management systems with the help of pioneers in this field. We hope our ‘reforestation’ effort will also provide some relief to the parched land during the long dry season.

Only one of our guesthouses is fitted with air conditioning – for those who just can’t do without. All the other accommodation has been designed with natural ventilation in mind.

Last year we switched on our fabulous 52-kilowatt solar panels. This grid-connected system was designed to match our specific power needs and doesn’t rely on batteries!

We have recently retrofitted solar hot water heaters into three of our buildings and we are looking into further renewable energy alternatives – watch this space.