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Jesse Turner

by Ecovenao, 12/07/2016

Jesse Turner – Age: 26 Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada

My experience with the permaculture project at Eco Venao was simply incredible. I was accepted to come volunteer on the farm for two months and didn’t have any previous experience in farming or permaculture. Guillaume as well as all of the amazing multi cultural beings that helped on the farm were very accepting and amazing teachers for both the sustainable practise of permaculture as well as learning the local language.
It was a time in my life that I will remember forever and has taught me to be more appreciative for the simple things in life like friends and good food.
I believe everyone can learn and improve certain things in their lives by allowing nature to work in harmony with all the species around that area and not to just grow one species with heavy use of chemicals/pesticides.
A piece of my heart will always be in the rainforest and on the beaches of Playa Venao, thank you permaculture crew for having beautiful souls and an amazing work ethic to raise awareness on this and many other important subjects.