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Guillaume Weissenberger

by guillaume, 01/25/2017
I stayed at EcoVenao as a permaculture student and volunteer for about two months and a half and if I had to summarize it in one word, I would say that it was simply incredible.

Even though I’m studying agronomy, I learned a lot here with Guillaume, Cun and the other volunteers. What’s really stimulating is that you can learn about the theory of the permaculture (design, zoning, water systems etc.) and then do it concretely on the farm.

Working at the farm can be hard sometimes but it’s always fun and interesting because we are working as a team and because we know why we are working hard: to harvest beautiful organic fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, flowers etc. I was feeling so well at the end of the work, when I knew that I contributed to build this beautiful living ecosystem and I could cook the healthy food that it gave me back.

Living as a permaculture volunteer at Eco Venao was not only about working, I was really happy to discover Panama through the lot of activities that I did: surf, kayak, snorkelling, hiking or just chilling in a hammock with a good book!
This experience made me realise that it is possible to live an even better life (for the mind and the body) with a smaller impact on our planet.

I hope to come back soon to see the development of this little heaven!