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Guilhem Pouxviel

by guillaume, 01/25/2017

” This 2 months and a half volunteering at Eco Venao’s permaculture had been one of the best foreign experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been interested in this alternative way to produce for a while, so this internship in Eco Venao was a great opportunity for me to discover the fieldwork hidden behind the books. Practical skills after theory.

More than just a tool to grow fruits and vegetables, to work at the permaculture’s farm is also a life experience. I figured out pretty quickly that we don’t need much to live and that we can change our priorities easily.

To learn to adapt according to new constraints that daily appear is also a good way to avoid monotony with a great tasks diversity to do (irrigation, harvest, plantation, processing …). Perfect to develop several skills and have a good overview of the job.

To think every day about the growth and development of the permaculture or to wonder how to achieve goals with other volunteers and the managing team Guillaume and Cun was one of the best thing I found here. To see the deference between the arrival and the departure, to see the finca’s evolution with daily labours and efforts are also a great satisfaction for me.

Finally, beautiful meets I made with this project and more widely all along this experience in this magical environment will stay with me for a long time.

Thank you to everybody that accompanied me in my stay in Eco Venao and more specifically to Guillaume and Kun who are fighting to sustain this wonderful project. “