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Surf Playa Venao

Playa Venao is considered Panama’s best beach break. The main wave breaks left and right. There is usually always something to surf unlike other spots in the area that depend on swells. During the week the sea is often empty, making it a surfers dream. At weekends locals do come and ride waves, but the nature of the beach break means it rarely feels crowded.

The break is best approaching and around high tide. When it’s real big, there are good breaks in other spots on the same beach. It does close out when the waves go much higher than eight feet.

The sand floor means it’s also a great beginners beach. People say that you can learn in a few weeks what would take months in other spots – mainly because of the consistent waves in Venao.

There is usually surf all year round. However, you’re more likely to get sweet offshore winds during the dry season (January – May).

There are several other great surf breaks in the area, such as Madroño Beach – the next beach over from Venao.  If you’re feeling motivated, find transportation out to Guanico or Cambutal – around an hours’ drive, but well worth it once you are there. Playas La Garita and El Toro in Pedasí are especially popular with body boarders.



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