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Permaculture is waiting for you

Since 2015 Eco Venao has taken on an ambitious Permaculture project with the goal of serving as an inspiration for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth. In a world of limited resources, we are beginning to see the effects of a planetary environmental crisis. We need solutions in order to live more sustainable lives.

Permaculture is an environmental design science that creates sustainable architecture, regenerative habitats and agricultural systems modelled from natural ecosystems. The basic principles teach you to work with nature, rather than against it. Its ethics are rooted in caring for the Earth, caring for people, and fair sharing of resources.

Our Permaculture Designer Guillaume Barros started the project in May 2015. Since its inception, Guillaume and his team have achieved great headway in the restoration of biological and cultural diversity at Eco Venao.

Currently the project consists of fruit, vegetable, a robust composting system, grey water recycling system, an African bee farm, composting toilets with wood chips, amazing plants and a lot of fun.

We constantly receive students to share knowledge and efforts. The French institute AgroParisTech is also getting involved in our project and sending us more students every year.

We still have some pretty ambitious plans for our Permaculture project here at Eco Venao. In the coming years we will be working towards:

·      building out a diverse tropical fruit forest

·      providing organic food for the restaurant

·      hosting a Permaculture design course

·      developing a waste recycling program for the entire resort

·      designing a free-range egg producing chicken farm

·      improving our worm nursery

·      developing cheese production onsite from local cows

·      exploring the creation of a local currency

·      pursuing our CSA

We are currently accepting Permaculture volunteer positions at Eco Venao for a 6-week minimum commitment. Volunteers would be working directly with Guillaume on several of the activities listed above. Please do get in touch at guillaume@ecovenao.com We would love to hear from you!