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Discover our new eco chic beachfront cabañas

by Fabiola, 05/04/2017

Located just a few steps away from the ocean, we inaugurated our new beachfront cabañas in January. The cabañas were built with over 50% reclaimed materials. The large timbers and wooden doors were recovered during the demolition of barracks in the historic Howard U.S. Air Force Base; built in 1940. In addition, the majority of the other materials (wood and penca) are renewable and sustainably harvested.

The innovative pier foundations allowed the structure to be built with minimum impact on the natural soil structure. The earth that you see under each cabaña is the same as nature made it. The foundations can even be removed to leave no indication that they even existed! The cabañas are also designed to function without air conditioning, using natural cross ventilation to cool the space. Guests are encouraged to open all windows, even during rainstorms, and enjoy the natural sights, smells and sounds of Eco Venao.

Come and experience our new beachfront cabañas! For more information and reservations contact us at stay@ecovenao.com