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Diomede Caballero “Cun”

by guillaume, 12/14/2016

For the first time of my life I find a job that I love. Every day I earn more about Permaculture.

I spend a big part of my life working as a farmer and even if I was not graduaded about agronomy I really enjoy it. Now I  know that there is way to manage a farm with knowledge.

We create structure which can save you time and effort in the future. We call that sustainable. I love that even if it’s more work at the beginning.

I want to do a composting toilets at my house. In fact in Cañas we don’t have enough water to supply the town during the summer. I learn how to do it and after months I will have great soil for my plants !

Here at EcoVenao Permaculture we receive young people from all the part of the world. It’s a fantastic adventure for me to meet all of these people who came to help us ! they are working really hard and girls too !

With them we use to go to my own farm which is at 1 hour from EcoVenao. We pass the night there and plant trees ! I invite all to came to vosit me there and help me to plant trees.

Thanks all