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Clemence Gross

by guillaume, 02/16/2017

EcoVenao was my first volunteership in a permaculture farm. I had already heard about permaculture, and was curious about learning more.

From the beggining, I knew that my time in EcoVenao would be great. I was supposed to stay two weeks, but i changed my mind after only a few days to stay one month. Indeed, EcoVenao is a lovely place that is hard to leave !

I really appreciated the time we spent in the farm : the tasks were very diverse, we couldn’t get bored. The schedule was well organised, with tasks to repeat every morning before anything else. The space organisation of the farm had also been reflected : with the ziplines, everything was made to save our strenght. I could also learn a lot about plants that grow in tropical countries, which made it even more interesting.

Guillaume was also a very good manager : very open-minded and attentive, i really felt on a equal foot with him. Open to new ideas, he also made sure that we didn’t start too many things we couldn’t have time to finish. It was the perfect balance : he just let us enough autonomy to be efficient and creative.

Beyond everything, what i liked the most was the human part of the experience : the life we had with our group of friends and the other volunteers, sharing the same house, cooking bread of vegetables from the farm, enjoying the Venao beach, perfect for surfing, and the nature around.

I have met great people there, and i really want to remerciate Guillaume and Cun for this beautiful month I spent. I wish to Venao’s project a great development. Thank you very much !